Check out the verdict of Nakatomi’s new single, ‘Wooden Castle’ from our Next Gen Journo crew who participated in a workshop with journalist and Upside News editor Libby Parker recently:

Review by Danica Richards

The newest single by Adelaide’s own Indie electronic pop duo Nakatomi, ‘Wooden Castle’ need only be heard once, to understand its huge potential. The upbeat rhythm carried out with strong vocals by Em Smart, creates a familiar pop vibe, which is easy on the ears.

The instrumental accompaniment by Hamish Cox is undemanding and powerful, creating a dance-vibe, which is easy to get lost in. Through the repetition of the chorus, Nakatomi successfully captivates your attention, resonating for some time after. Released on October 11, this upbeat tempo sure hit will leave an impression.


Review by Patrick Moller

Sounding awfully familiar, much like Nakatomi, who have been a mainstay in the Adelaide music scene for many years have dropped their fresh single, ‘Wooden Castle’. This new song is a credit to the music that local Adelaide artists produce.

Wooden Castle is a vibey, catchy tune which leaves the listener searching for the replay button, with a beat that closely resembles Matoma & Astrid S 2015 single ‘Running Out’.

The track combines easy listening, flowing lyrics with a hip, danceable beat to form a song I am sure will be played across radio stations around the country.


Review by Sallee Shepherd

The new single from electro pop band, Nakatomi, is guaranteed to get your foot tapping. ‘Wooden Castle’¬†has a catchy, rhythmic sound that is sure to top charts. If you are into the works of Kiiara or Trap Nation, this song will sound familiar.

The processed electronic sound and repetitive verses create your generic electro pop song. In saying this, it a true ear worm: the more you listen, the better it sounds. ‘Wooden Castle’ is definitely one of Nakatomi’s best. We all know modern artists must cater to the audience in the current music landscape and Nakatomi certainly have done that. This band have created a soulful, upbeat song that is easy to listen to. ‘Wooden Castle’ will be topping many charts in the near future. I definitely recommend you check it out now.


Review by Emily \Colebatch

Nakatomi’s new hit, Wooden Castle is a beautifully crafted piece of music you’ll want to play on repeat. Its unique sound is full of energy and electricity that’ll leave you wanting more. Perfect for the dance floor, ‘Wooden CAstle’ is felt right in the pit of your stomach.


Review by Ebony McAdam

Considering commercial radio stations don’t tend to air local bands, it’s surprising to hear Adelaide¬†band, Nakatomi, channelling so many pop radio traits in their new song Wooden Castle. The song sounds like a typical modern rave song with a slow but strong bass beat. Wooden Castle has a steadiness that rivals on repetitive and an overly produced tone with obvious voice and sound editing. The song is around three minutes long and coupled with the catchy chorus could potentially become a popular song on commercial radio.