20 Years of Transmission. Who would have thought?

This must be the third time I have seen The Tea Party and the Canadian trio always put on a good show. The last time was at The Gov for their 20 Years of The Edges of Twilight tour in which I was astounded with how many guitar changes, singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jeff Martin required. I spent more time watching his guitar tech re-tune and prepare for the upcoming songs!


Despite being allocated seating, everyone was up on their feet from the opener ‘Army Ants’, the second track of Transmission. The first set heroed the album in full, almost in the same order as the track listing, however finishing with the opening track; catchy upbeat favourite, ‘Temptation’.


Jeff Martin, brooding and intense as ever, narrated the evening for us. Behind the band was projected artwork by Australian artist, Robert Burrati who’s imagery enhanced the ideas of slipping in and out of the dark places that the album explores.


It was a tight ship with Jeff Burrows on drums/percussion and it was entertaining as ever watching Stuart Chatwood switch continually between keyboards and bass.


The band took a short 20 minute intermission before coming back for a second set, playing hits such as the beautiful number, ‘Heaven’s Coming Down’ which included a few bars of U2’s ‘With Or Without You’.


The crowd was in awe during ‘Save Me’, complete with a violin bow sawing guitar solo.


Lucky last, was my personal favourite ‘Sister Awake’, in which I always joke to my sister about one of us napping when we hear it live (no, she doesn’t really find it funny…fair enough). They lengthened the final number by going into Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint it Black’ and David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ before finishing for the evening.


I’ve been really enjoying seeing concerts at the Thebby of late. The sound has been great and hasn’t left me with tinnitus for days after!

It was also lovely and considerate of the Thebby staff and security who assisted a friend of mine, currently in a wheelchair, ensuring they had the best evening possible.


Review and photo credit: Hollee Gunter