Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele originally met working together on the US TV series One Tree Hill, later touring together after the show finished. The night was promised to be a treat for fans of the show, but they hoped to draw in all fans of acoustic pop music.

The opening act for the Adelaide show was Jessie and the Beating Hearts. It was the first full show for the Adelaide three-piece, fronted by Jessica Braithwaite, with Sean Kemp providing the beat (via snare) and Dylby McCullough providing the heart (bass guitar).

Jessie and the beating hearts 2

They had recently launched their website which includes a download for their song “Will You Marry Me”. The song is about supporting marriage equality, which coincidentally enough, they played on the night before the legislation was passed.

They had a solid lineup of original songs and also played a cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”.

Jessie and the Beating Hearts were engaging and well received by the audience, which is always the biggest challenge for a supporting act. Jessica’s banter between songs and Sean’s stage antics on percussion gave them a strong stage combination. They sounded polished and you’d be forgiven for being surprised they only formed this year.


Kate had previously said the show would be broken up into different parts with her own songs, Tyler’s own songs and the two combining. Both Kate and Tyler started together, but the opening song was mostly Tyler.

As you might expect, given the demographic of One Tree Hill, the crowd was largely female. Tyler received the stronger reception of the two, often being asked to take his clothes off.

Kate took the lead on the second song, which also put the spotlight on Reni Lane, their touring keyboardist and backing vocalist.

Tyler mentioned he has a new album coming out next year and Kate has worked on some of it with him. Kate has a new song coming out on Friday, “Shoot This Arrow”, which she played. She described it as being about “dealing with someone who’s a real dick.”

Africola got a shout-out, as Tyler and Kate claimed it was the best restaurant in the world they’ve been too. They even had food delivered to them after the show.

As expected, they played songs from One Tree Hill. Tyler played the song from his first appearance on One Tree Hill, “We Might As Well Be Strangers”. Kate played the first song she played on the show “Wish You Were”.

They finished with Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, tongue-in-cheek as they were in Australia. They had to restart the song as Tyler forgot some of the chords, but I don’t mind a couple of fuck-ups, as it gives insight into the personality of the performers with how they handle it. Tyler handled it well saying he was willing “to cash in on the awesomeness of the crowd”, he had fortunately alluded to earlier in the show.

They promised during the show that they would hold a meet and greet after. However, there was a significant wait for them to come out.

Overall, it was a solid show that treated fans of the TV show that brought them to prominence, as well as engaging enough for people who were unfamiliar with that background.

By Nutman

Photos by Thom Lion.