Like a mix between Magic Mike and Criss Angel, The Naked Magicians was a highly entertaining way to kick off the Adelaide Fringe season.

Magicians Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler started their show fully clothed to the tune of Macklemore (whom Wayne looks strikingly like). Both Wayne and Tyler have a lot of energy and they punch out innuendos like rapid fire which had the crowd roaring from the get-go.

There was a lot of audience interaction, from throwing around a blow-up dong “musical chairs” style – you don’t want to be caught holding it when the music stops – to mind reading games involving clever cutting of paper. The first half of the show was spent in such a state of suspended disbelief that I almost forgot about the naked part.

Most of the tricks involved a volunteer, a poor gentleman looked quite calm while it appeared his mobile phone was being smashed to smithereens, only to find it popping up in a hilariously naughty location.

In the second half, the men got down to business, using a competitive trick where the loser loses their clothes. There was a combination of girl’s groups, boy’s groups and even couples in the audience who all screamed every time they suggested they were about to drop their trousers.

This time around Wayne lost, so he pulled another volunteer up to assist with a rope trick, performed with just a Top Hat covering his package.

The crowd was almost at fever pitch by this stage, and the show ends with a bang. I did not walk away disappointed. Some commented that there wasn’t enough nudity, but I thought it was enough.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recommend it to those who like irreverent humour and the male form – perfect for a hen’s night!

5 stars

The Naked Magicians are showing at Cornucopia, Gluttony until March 4. Pick up your tickets HERE

By Josh van’t Padje