Held in the Empyrean Theatre in Gluttony, Laser Kiwi is performed by Imogen, Zane and Degge from the circus/performance company Colossal from New Zealand. This is their first time performing in Australia, and in case we weren’t prepared, they made the audience an A4 sheet with a running order, a corner of “confetto” to tear off, and a dot-to-dot in case anybody got bored.

The show was a random collection of physical comedy skits, with a few bits of circus thrown in as well. The movement between skits was non-stop, as was the audience laughter, and the trio certainly embraces puns and lame humour. To narrow down to one comedic highlight is difficult, however, I would probably put the Japanese game show up there as the point the show reaches it’s most silly but also most hilarious peak.

The absolute peak of the show though involved Imogen performing an amazing silks routine during a space themed segment. With the lights down and the perfectly chosen atmospheric music behind it, it was impressive, beautiful, and honestly quite moving.

Laser Kiwi had me enthralled the whole way through. It was hilarious and impressive in equal measure. If you like physical comedy, and even if you don’t, I cannot recommend this show more highly. Soon enough these performers will be so big that we will be claiming them as Australian.

You can buy tickets HERE.

5 stars

By Tania Nicholas