A Simple Space was a stripped back, raw and naked (at times literally) take on your Blanc De Blancs and your Cirque Alfonse productions. The only thing being showcased here was pure skill and incredible feats of the human body.

If, like me, you got Macca’s on the way in and at times find yourself exhausted after standing up for too long then you will also feel incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of physical strength, talent and hard work that has gone into this production of (very) physical theatre.

The show incorporates a brilliant use of lighting to create mood as it draws our attention to each intricate movement on the stage, also accompanied by hauntingly beautiful music that fits incredibly with the rhythm of the routine – at times I found it so captivating and engaging that it made me want to cry.

I would recommend this show to any lover of physical theatre who appreciates the incredible things that the human body is capable of (except mine).

A Simple Space is faultlessly executed and is a true demonstration of performance art at its finest.

These guys are all from Adelaide too, so go and support some local talent!

4 Stars

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