Fuego Carnal is a spectacle involving extraordinarily skilled circus performers doing some amazing stunts involving fire and pyrotechnics.

Having walked past The Empyrean Theatre in Gluttony during the performance previously, I knew there was going to be a lot of fire during the show. Luckily, The Empyrean has an open rooftop and was purpose built, allowing such an extensive use of fire without turning the place into a sauna.

Each performer displayed different circus skills involving fire, such as whips, fire eating, and archery operated by foot. Some of these stunts looked incredibly impressive and were often performed to pulsating techno music, which helped heighten the excitement and made it feel like a concert.

The only time fire wasn’t present was during the musical interludes, which were funny and full of double entendres. Despite the lack of fire, they still fitted seamlessly with the rest of the show and were a welcome departure.

I would liken Fuego Carnal to attending a rave with pyrotechnics. If you like your circus skills with added heat and concert-like atmosphere, then check this out.

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5 stars

By Tania Nicholas