Unlisted, unapologetic, unrestrained, Greg Fleet, was quietly gigging for nearly two weeks of Adelaide Fringe at Rhino Room this year.

Filling a slot foran artist that was unable to make the season, Greg Fleet is not listed in the Fringe program, and he is using that to his advantage.

Greg played to a modest sized crowd, and the mood was relaxed and cosy. He used the small numbers to his advantage, interacting with us individually, without making us feel uncomfortable. The off the cuff show was fun and hilarious. I was still laughing half way down Pirie Street on the way to my next show.

Towards the end, Greg invited us all to be part of an activity together – “mini golf, dinner, tequila shots?” Eventually the crowd agreed that tequila shots was the most viable option. The friendly staff at Rhino Room lined us all up and we shared a ridiculous moment together.

I gave up tequila some time ago, but look, the whole night was so silly, hilarious and fun, that it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Greg was fantastic, honestly, I want to go again based on how varied the show could be from night to night.

4 1/2 Stars