Located in the diving pool at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Wet Sounds plunges you into a sonic experience like no other.

In my boardies and goggles, I dove into the five-metre pool. Music and sound effects from Johan Cahen had been meticulously arranged with speakers around the pool. Essentially there were three concurrent soundscapes within the space of the pool. One under the water, one out of the water and a merger of the two on the surface of the water. The result was truly remarkable.

As the sun set, the pool lit up with coloured lights from above which matched the mood of the music. Meanwhile, underwater, scuba divers, deep water dancers and mermaids frolicked. It was all quite dreamlike.

The audience in the water were free to explore the weightless soundscape as they pleased. I found it so intriguing to hear how the various areas of the pool had different sounds underwater. There were metallic rattles that reverberated through your spine, which jolted me upright. There were whispered voices heard clearly, but only when submerged.

For a few minutes, I grabbed a pool noodle and simply floated on my back and let the sounds wash through me. It was incredibly easy to let your mind drift as you focused on the sounds.

Towards the end of the experience, the lights went red and the soundscape turned quite creepy and unsettling. There were sharp violin sounds and a crescendo that sounded like a spaceship about to take off.

When the bright lights came up at the end and the music died, I was surprised that it had already been forty-five minutes. Time had flown, and I could have quite easily spent another hour being immersed in water and sound.

5 stars

Wet Sounds was showing at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. You can find out more information about the show here.