After being on the Aussie rock circuit for almost a quarter of a century, Regurgitator have still got the knack. Performing as part of Adelaide Festival’s The Palais live events, the audience was full of people looking for a chance to rock out with a hit of nostalgia.

The Palais gives its performers a stunning backdrop, with the river Torrens lit up by the cityscape in the background. Regurgitator pumped out the hits with their eclectic brand of nerd-punk meets funk meets art-rock with a slew of other influences thrown into the mix.

Lead vocalist Quan Yeomans still has the frenetic energy of a young teen and the band were tight. The set leaned more on their heavier stuff with “Black Bugs”, “Fat Cop” and “Everyday Formula” all getting the audience in a frenzy.

There was also a fair share of parody songs including “Blubber Boy”, “My Friend Robot” and “I Sucked A Lot of Cock to Get Where I Am”. Of course, everyone in the venue sang at the top of their lungs to the popular “Polyester Girl” – so shiny!

The set was closed out with a guitar-driven version of “! (The Song Formerly Known As)” which always takes me back to high school.

There wasn’t much new about the set list, but it was a terrific night of singing and dancing. If the enthusiasm of not only the band but the stalwart fans in the audience are anything to go by, I have the feeling that Regurgitator will continue their legacy for years to come.

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