The multi-talented Gretel Killeen got together with her band of friends, The Gretskys, to offer songs, stories and heartfelt advice in the Fortuna Spiegeltent at the Garden of Unearthly Delights last night.

It was a casual and improvised affair, with Killeen waxing lyrical about her failed relationships and her counterparts singing folk songs and giving the audience snippets of their life.

It felt like a laid-back conversation with old mates as Killeen had collected notes from the audience at the start of the show and provided problem solving advice to the questions posed on the pieces of paper provided. Killeen’s acerbic wit shone throughout the show and had the audience in stiches as she provided anecdotes on her sex life and the education she was given growing up.

There was a tale of Killeen being ghosted by a lost-love interspersed with a rendition of Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” like you’ve never heard it before. Killeen would go off on tangents throughout her storytelling and her self-depreciatory sense of humour was entirely relatable.

The part of the show I appreciated the most, though, was when Killeen got serious and discussed the state of the world we’re living in. A world where homogenised beliefs have led to a lack of individuality in the world, which she blames for the current political climate. It was a call to arms for people to not be afraid to be different, as everyone has something to offer.

Killeen knows how to work a room and I could listen to her talk all day. There was a lot of love and laughter in the tent and the audience all left with a smile on their face.

4 stars

The Love Love Klub featuring Gretel Killeen and the Gretskys is showing until March 18 at the Fortuna Spiegeltent at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Pick up your tickets here.