A local circus company are set to hit the international stage after an invitation to perform at San Diego International Fringe Festival.

This marks the first time the company will perform will perform internationally and they are calling on the help of their hometown to help them get there.

Cirque Nocturne founder, producer and performer Kate Lawrence is optimistic about the company’s call to arms and is seeking donations from arts lovers.

“We hope people would like to support our show through our crowdfunding campaign because they are passionate about the incredible arts scene we have in Adelaide, and [because] they want to help local artists succeed on a global scale,” she says. “We really can’t afford to get to the festival without some financial support.”

Unlike our Adelaide Fringe, San Diego Fringe Festival is a curated event and Cirque Nocturne was chosen to perform after being spotted in Melbourne.

“We were invited to the San Diego fringe after someone from the festival saw our show at the Melbourne Fringe. We are super excited to have been chosen,” Kate says.

Due to the timing of the San Diego Fringe Festival, the company is ineligible for arts funding from either state or federal sources, as it falls between grant grounds, but with the help of crowd funding, Kate says they will happily represent Adelaide in the USA with the best possible show they can.

“Adelaide has long been known for hitting well above their weight with quality fringe shows, particularly in circus. Whilst that may not seem surprising as the host city of the second biggest fringe festival in the world, we want to use this opportunity to reach beyond Adelaide and showcase just how strong, vibrant and creative our performers are and show the world what Adelaidians can do,” she says.

“We look forward to taking our show and sharing it with new audiences, as well as giving our cast of circus performers a chance to perform in a completely new environment and challenge themselves as artists. We want to show off just how good Adelaide artists are.”

A tribute to the Film Noir genre, Cirque Nocturne’s signature, self-titled cabaret circus follows the narrative of a hapless Private Investigator.

“The show follows the fortunes of a down-on-his-luck Private Investigator as he attempts to solve a murder,” Kate says. “As he meets the cast of shady characters, each suspect he encounters struts their stuff with a spectacular circus skill. The show has acts by acrobats, aerialists jugglers, contortionists and more. It features a soundtrack of period and contemporary jazz, and encapsulates the ambience of vice, corruption and glamour that the Noir genre of films is best known for.”

But before the show can get on the road, Cirque Nocturne need your help.

“The entire costs of a production-venue hire, sound and lighting tech and marketing has to be paid up front before the production begins,” Kate says. “This can be a daunting amount for a small arts company, and is especially so for an international tour when you have to include the costs of flights, accommodation and visas for the show’s cast members.

“This is why we are crowdfunding, to help ease some of the burden of these initial costs. With the kind of community financial support we hope to receive from our crowdfunding campaign, we can continue to offer opportunities for Adelaide artists to showcase their skills and creativity locally, nationally and internationally.”

Cirque Nocturne is crowdfunding through the Australian Cultural fund. You can a make tax-deductible donation HERE.

By Lucy Hoare and Amelia Brzezicki