The need for family based placements in South Australia has increased dramatically due to an escalation in both the number of children entering care and the time children are residing in care.

AnglicareSA CEO Peter Sandeman says the increasing number of children entering care was putting pressure on an already overloaded care network.

“The number of children in out of home care in South Australia has increased 98% in the past 10 years,” he says. “Nationally, SA has the highest percentage of children in the care system residing in non-family based care. Children and young people more than ever need South Australians to stand up and commit to making a difference.”

To meet the growing demand for care placements, AnglicareSA with the Honourable Rachel Sanderson MP, Minister for Child Protection, have launched the Moments that Matter campaign designed to attract a diverse cross section of South Australians.

Foster carers are needed now, more than ever, to provide a loving home to a growing number of vulnerable children and young people.

“Becoming a foster carer is one of the best things you can do to make a positive difference in a young life,” Mr Sandeman says. “There are many people in our community who have a lot of love to give, but may not think they would be considered suitable as foster carers. We need our foster care community to be as broad and diverse as the general South Australian community. The most important criteria for a foster carer is their capacity to give a young person love, respect and stability.”

AnglicareSA is the largest provider of Foster Care in South Australia, supporting around 450 children and up to 400 carers.

View the series of six Moments that Matter videos: