Scott Ian is renowned as one of the legendary founding father’s of thrash and guitarist in the ‘Big 4’ legends Anthrax. Now fans can hear and see Scott on stage in an entirely different way, behind the microphone and telling the craziest stories from the past 38 years of touring the world in one of the biggest metal bands on the planet.

Scott will be touring his ‘One Man Riot’ talking show around Australia starting on the 24th September in Adelaide at the Dustan Playhouse. It will be Scott’s first talking show in over two years.

Adelaide’s the first show of the tour, that’s actually the one I’m nervous about, so once I get that one under the belt the other three…. Well, I won’t say they’ll be easy but I won’t have the nerves like I have in Adelaide. By the time I hit the stage in Adelaide, it will be over two years since I have done a talking show. So I can safely say I’ll be a bit nervous that night,” Scott explains. 

“I’ve been interviewed a million times and almost every interview I’ve ever done I get ‘what’s the crazy thing you’ve ever seen?’ Everyone wants to know what the craziest thing is. That’s what my show is. It’s ALL the craziest stories. That’s what people can expect.” 

Scott is no stranger to telling a good story, he has two books ‘I’m The Man – The Story of That Guy From Anthrax’ and ‘Access All Areas – Stories From A Hard Rock Life’ which originated from the ‘One Man Riot’ shows.

“It was actually the talking shows that happened first about five years ago. It wasn’t like I was planning on doing that [talking show] either. But I got an offer to go to London the night before an Anthrax tour was starting in the UK, and I had an offer to do a show where I would get on stage and tell stories. I said yes out of curiosity to see if I could do it or not. I considered it a challenge to myself, to see if I could take my storytelling ability out of the bar with my friends and on to a stage in front of people paying money to see it. Could I do that or would I fail miserably?

“I loved it, I had a great time and I wanted to do more of that. It all stemmed from that one first show in London. I then started writing down a lot of my stories, material and putting it all together as it helped me memorise it. From that point I realised, I could probably work on a book now because I’ve got most of the work done. I had already said no to writing a book for the past seven years because I knew I would never do the work. Now because of the talking show and I was revisiting all of these tales from the last 30 something years, I felt like I had a lot of the work done already and it did kind of pave the way for me to do my first book.”

Scott has been on stage and touring the world for nearly 40 years with a full band and guitar in hand, however, the first time he got up on stage to talk in front of a crowd on his own, it was a different experience and he’s still learning every time he goes on stage.

“Oh, that first show I was really nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing, I had no idea. I just knew I had to get on stage and talk to people but I really had no concept of how to do it other than just start talking. Once I got up there and within five minutes people were laughing in the right places all the nerves went away and I was up there for two and a half hours. I’ve only done 40 or 50 of these shows in total in the past five years. So it’s still a new thing to me.

“I went and did a UK tour and about halfway through that, I realised that I was starting to understand how to do it, how to be on stage, I was learning how to really tell a story in front of an audience.”

The last time Australia saw Anthrax was for Soundwave 2013 since then they have released their new album ‘For All Kings’ but haven’t visited Australia with it yet.

We haven’t been there yet on the ‘For All Kings’ album, it’s one of the places that we haven’t got to yet. We’re trying our best to make that happen in the near future, I’ll leave it at that.”

Come and listen to Scott tell his legendary tales (for several hours) at one of the venues below
Monday, September 24: Dunstan Play House, Adelaide
Wednesday, September 26: Goldfields Theatre – MCEC, Melbourne
Saturday, September 29: Metro Theatre, Sydney 
Monday, October 1: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Tickets on sale Thursday, July 5
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