Directed by Judy Davis and starring three masters of the stage (Colin Friels, Alison Whyte and Paul Blackwell), Belvoir’s production of the highly awarded Faith Healer is set to finally hit Adelaide after a sell-out East Coast season.

The Fantastic Francis Hardy travels around the fading towns of the Welsh countryside, healing the sick and offering hope to the hopeless.

But is he a miracle-worker or is it all a facade?

Heralded as the career-defining masterpiece of Irish great Brian Friel, Faith Healer is made up of four monologues performed by three characters: the titular healer Francis Hardy (Colin Friels), his wife Grace (Alison Whyte) and his manager Teddy (Paul Blackwell).

As the stories unravel, a web of half-truths and personal mythologies is revealed.

“To quote Brain Friel himself, ‘memory is about what has happened in the past. It’s also about what might have happened but never did,’’ Judy Davis says.

Faith Healer grapples with this notion of truth and falsity, and presents us with the gift of theatre in its essence – exceptional language that comes alive through carefully crafted characters.”

Faith Healer is on at the Space Theatre from September 26 to October 13. Get your tickets HERE.