A new children’s picture book written by Karen Manbulloo from the remote Binjari community near Katherine in the Northern Territory has just been released.

Written in Kriol and English, Moli det bigibigi (Molly the Pig) is a story based on a real-life pet pig of the Binjari community, found in the bush by Karen’s brother.

Moli is taken back to the community where she finds a happy home.

Happy, that is, apart from the local dogs who keep chasing and frightening her.

Moli is very much loved in her community but what she loves most is Weet Bix.

She loves it so much that it’s not too long before little Moli is a very big pig indeed, so big, she chases and frightens the local dogs. All in good fun, of course.



The book was launched by Lifetime Ambassador Alison Lester at Indigenous Literacy Day celebrations at Sydney Opera House, alongside Karen herself who travelled thousands of kilometres from Binjari to read and perform from her book.

In most instances, the books produced by Indigenous Literacy Foundation in first languages are generally not available to the public, but due to popular demand, Moli det bigibigi (Molly the Pig) is available in bookstores nationally and via the ILF website. We know it will enrich the reading and learning experiences of children, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, across Australia.

The project was made possible through the sponsorship of HarperCollins Publishing and 1010 Printing, and all the funds go back into Indigenous Literacy Foundation programs.