Described as a hallucinatory journey into the subconscious realms of South Australian visionary artist Althea Mallee, Pasithea is an exciting upcoming exhibition which is part of the Visionary Visual Artists Exhibition.

39762416_544861795949161_8001885876198047744_nOpening on September 29 at Duke of Brunswick (207 Gilbert St, Adelaide), the exhibition will comprise of new monochromatic surrealist artworks in the form of charcoal/ ink drawings and photography.

With such an immersive subject to work with, Althea says she was inspired to create the exhibition to open her own mind as well as others’.

“My reasoning for such an adventure is to unmask the perceptions people have in regards to our viewed reality. Surrealism to me is the unseen and evokes a sense of the sublime by constructing images of the unknown,” she says. “I’m hoping to bridge these inspirational realms of possibilities with others and highlight the capability of the internal workings of the mind presented through creation. Hallucinations are, of course, unreal but a prominent theme in spiritual awakening. The pieces being showcased reinforce those experiences in the form of art and represent this shedding of illusion but also show the other side of the coin in displaying insights through divine hallucinations.”

At the opening at the Duke of Brunswick, local musicians Katie Pomery Band, and Leaf and Stem have been invited to perform to set the mood, which Althea says will complement the exhibition perfectly.

“Katie Pomery and Leaf and Stem are good friends of mine who bring something special to the Adelaide scene. There’s a great deal of warmth and heartfelt connection with the audience whenever they hit the stage. Katie Pomery’s music brings hauntingly sweet vocals that discuss the problems and struggles with mental illness, and Leaf and Stem are a pop band that has a joyful disposition that lights up a crowd,” she says.

All artwork will be available for purchase on the evening with the exhibition being held for a month and Althea hopes her work will have a profound effect on people and allow them to connect to nature.

“Pasithea will showcase artworks of varying mediums with having the raw gritty textures of charcoal describe the deep trenches of the mind, black and white photography capturing the essence of timelessness fuelled by expressions of nature and the ink drawings will crack away at the ‘not self’ or rather a concept known as ‘emptiness’,” she says.

“I have a great deal of compassion for humanity and our environment is in the heart of every creation. I have an ache for change but also a wonder in that creation,” she says.

“I want people to be inspired, connect deeper to nature and look deeper into the awareness of the self and mind. To allow their minds to open and gain higher level of imagination and wonder into their lives. To crack open a few more hearts on the evening would be wonderful by having meaningful connections, making new friends and have an enjoyable time surrounded by good company, art and music.”

You can get along to the opening of Pasithea at 6:30pm, 29 September at the Duke of Brunswick. More details HERE.