Shiver me timbers! Adelaide’s Captain Hellfire & The Wretched Brethren are launching a pirate game and debut EP.

Local pirate-themed band Captain Hellfire & the Wretched Brethren will be celebrating ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ tomorrow with new treasure to be discovered.

The Adelaide band is proud as rum-punch to release their EP along with a video game, ‘Bloodbeard’s Revenge’ which lead singer Captain Hellfire himself has created, so they want everyone to come and toast their success.

“Arr, every gig is special when you have a room full of rowdy pirates!” Captain Hellfire says. “But this one in particular will be the culmination of six years of hard work and countless empty rum bottles. You also get to take the shanties home with you and hear us howl like the damned whenever you please. And it’s all being held in honour of International Talk Like A Pirate day, which we celebrate religiously every year. So it’s gonna be a grand time to be sure.”

The rock and roll shanty singin’ shipmates have been playing around the traps for six years and have finally laid down their tracks ready to walk the plank and into the hands of fans.

“Aye, the EP has got a bit of everything for the discerning modern swashbuckler,” Captain Hellfire says. “In musical terms it’s a mix of rock and roll and punk, with a folk sensibility. Oh, and did we mention pirate music? And drinking songs, we’ve got a lot of those. In fact one of the songs on the EP uses the word ‘Rum’ forty-three times.”

On Saturday 22 September, the band of buccaneering baddies will launch their booty at West Oak Hotel (208 Hindley Street) with tickets $10 at the door, which includes a Captain Hellfire song download.

There is also a free copy of the video game for any salty swashbuckler or saucy sea lass that hands over their doubloons for the EP.

“When I’m not writing songs or pillaging the high seas, the crew lure me in with a bottle o’ rum and when I’m not looking they chain me leg to the computer desk,” Captain Hellfire says about his making of the computer game. “I fall for it every bloomin’ time.”

The band, made up of Captain Hellfire (shanties, enchanted pianola), Bloodbeard (battle drums), Finlay McTavish (Spanish Guitar), Mr Bo Keen (below deck bass), Miss O’Brien (vehement violin), Pearl Sautoir (saucy squeeze-box), has had some success on the high seas of the music scene, supporting Alestorm (the world’s biggest pirate band hailing from Scotland) as well as John Butler at a Sea Shepherd gig.

They also played live for eight hours a day during an Xbox exhibition of Sea of Thieves at Microsoft HQ in Sydney over two days, where they provided the soundtrack to the players’ adventures and were watched by more than 10,000 viewers across the country.

Talk like a pirate day is September 19 but the celebrations will continue through to the weekend thanks to Captain Hellfire & the Wretched Brethren so get along to West Oak, me hearties and have a whale of a time.

By Libby Parker