Two years on from the release of her debut album Night Underground, seasoned Sydney musician Donna Amini has returned with a crushing new sound in ‘Big Machine’.

The film clip matches the drama of the song; playing with shadow and darker tones, Amini’s voice is piercing through the rich rumblings of the instrumentation beneath.

Taken from her forthcoming new album, Amini has dealt a heavy and impactful blow with ‘Big Machine’ – it’s just the re-entry to the local music scene the songwriter had wanted.

“[Big Machine is] built around the idea of the city with a hypnotic machine-like beat. The grinding roar of the guitars and fragmented words, like too many street signs. The songs off the upcoming album are raw and direct, they lead with feeling. They’re guitar-heavy and have a punk sensibility,” she says.

“After months of working on ‘Big Machine’, it’s exactly the song I imagined it to be; which is what I’m most proud of. I would say that the new songs sound fresh and they feel good to play. They feel like they are authentically me.”