Spain’s nuclear powered pub rockers, Los Chicos, stole the show at The Gov on Sunday night, upstaging headliners Radio Birdman and presenting the big crowd with an impassioned, raucous, high energy performance that will live long in the memories of those who witnessed it.

Eighteen years into their career, it must be a hard cross to bear for them to be a band with so much power and yet still be relegated to support slots so often, yet despite this, they play every song with the needle on their joy meter sitting firmly in the red zone.

Their set was crammed full with furious garage rockers, cow punk anthems and frenetic mojo workouts. No single second on stage is wasted with stasis!

Not having heard much from the band before the gig, I was unprepared for the full-on adrenaline rush that Los Chicos delivered.

Rafa Sunen is a mesmerizingly good frontman – moving, and sounding, like the hybrid lovechild of Mick Jagger, David Johansen & Iggy Pop, he whipped the crowd into a hypnotized frenzy, working his way through the throng of uninhibited St. Vitus dancers on to the bar tables and speaker stacks around the venue, as well as effecting some impressively demented line dancing moves, whilst never, for a second, dropping in intensity as he gave Adelaide his all.

Guitarists, Gerardo & Antonio Urchaga, both charged into their work, providing some cyclonic riffage, as bass player Guillermo Casanova, in league with fill-in drummer Lluis Fuzzhound – playing only his fourth gig with the band – locked the band into a pulse beat that had the largely middle-aged crowd hyperventilating with exhaustion by show’s end.

Their set list was almost totally unfamiliar to me but there were a lot of songs that contained the word ‘party’ in the title (see below) and every song felt like an old favourite!  They also did a fantastic garage rock medley of songs by bands such as The Seeds and The Stooges which upped the sweat quotient yet another notch.

I have never before seen an entire band – bar the drummer – jump into the flailing masses and keep hammering out a song, like Los Chicos did last night. It was incredible to witness.

After their set, Los Chicos assumed their place in the crowd to watch the headliners Radio Birdman power their way through their repertoire of classics, and still, well into Birdman’s set, people were pushing their way through the crowd to shake the various Los Chicos members’ hands, and hug them in gratitude for such a fantastic gig.

Los Chicos play their own show at the Grace Emily Hotel on Tuesday night.  You have to see them – but make sure you rest up good before you go because you’ll need all of your energy reserves!


Los Chicos new album By Medical Prescription was released through Cheersquad Records & Tapes on September 7. 

Los Chicos play one more Adelaide show at The Grace Emily Hotel on Tuesday 2 October.

Los Chicos’ ‘party’ heavy setlist at The Gov, 30 September 2018.