A brand new vape space and emporium has launched in Adelaide and it’s bringing something a little different to the table.

Vape Sq, while selling Australia’s largest range of Vapes, e-juices and all things vape related is more than just a simple retailer.

Located at 17 Charles St Adelaide, Vape Sq is a Café and hot-spot hangout for all of Adelaide’s vaping enthusiasts and seasoned e-smokers.

This place is Adelaide’s answer to high-end wine tastings provided by experienced connoisseurs designed for the vaping world.

The staff offer a specialist approach when seeing to a customer’s needs, providing an all-around experience unlike what you’ll find at your typical vape stores. Vape Sq has a mix lab, sampling bar, charging and cleaning stations, a café (with outdoor seating area) and more importantly…free WiFi.

Vape Sq has just over 1,000 e-juices stocked on its shelves (which is visually, quite overwhelming) and is home to the very first e-juice mix lab, where Vape mixologists are able to blend a range of flavours together allowing customers to create their own personalised e-juice.

Flavours like Vanilla Cream, Fudge and Cinnamon provided by the e-juice brand Charlie’s Chalk Dust are popular, and taste just like the real thing.

Other favourites are Meringue Pie and Strawbana (Strawberry and Banana) and some leave a sour note like Midnight Apple (Fresh Tobacco Blend mixed with a Granny Smith).

Vape Sq offer a huge range of e-juices from both local labels and international favourites such as Psycho Bunny, Byron Bay Cloud Co, Five Pawns California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust and Halo (to name a few).

The actual shop slash Café provides a pretty groovy atmosphere for Vapers all around Adelaide to come and let off some steam (or vapour) and there’s enough there to tailor to those who don’t vape…if not for the coffee, then for the free WiFi!

Insta: vapesqau


By Daisy Sumersford