Adelaide four piece The Montreals have just treated us to their cracking new single ‘Rude’ and to celebrate, they’re sharing with us their top 10 fave tunes of the moment.

Check it out:

  1. King Princess – Pussy is God

This song bangs, the video is righteous. Go forth and listen.
Amen. 🙏🏼

  1. Kwame – No Time

Even if ya got no time, listen to this bloomin song. It’s a winner.

  1. Parcels – Lightenup

These guys have NAILED their style in the last 12 months. They blend new school production with the heart of the disco-era.

  1. Ravyn Lenae – Sticky

This so is so s(t)iiiiick(y). Rayvn is a champion of the resurgence of the 2000s aesthetic and sound.

  1. Pinkish Blu – Capricorn

Nu bois on da block. Absolute heart-throbs and this song rox our sox!!

  1. Wing Defence – Stuck

We’re stuck on this track, such a bop! Super exciting stuff from this power duo!

  1. Jakob Ogawa – Sunshine Girl

Uggggh. Too good. We froth the manipulated vocals and dreamy tones.

  1. Tkay Maidza – White Rose

OUR HOMETOWN HERO! Tkay is one of the most influential figures in the Australian music scene – she’s done so much for little old Adelaide and that is well reflected in her stunnnner new EP “Last Year Was Weird (Vol 1).”.

  1. Adrian Eagle – 17 Again

This song has it all, an absolute earworm with a potent message. Much love to Adrian.

10. Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On

Forever the queen of 00’s hip-hop – this one is pretty self-explanatory.

The last two years have seen The Montreals go from strength to strength, first off the back of debut EP Indigo Club and this year, with the success of singles ‘Y2K’ and ‘Sardines’. Already, they’ve enjoyed Australian and international radio love,  attracting impressive airplay across Triple J and American radio juggernaut KCRW.

Online, the streaming figures have also been a great indicator of The Montreals’ trajectory in a short period of time, with their music clocking near on one million Spotify streams and multiple playlist additions (Indie Arrivals, Fresh Finds).

Now, as they head towards year’s end, The Montreals return to take another bite of the cherry with their new single, Rude’.

Have a listen: