Mr Goodbar is tucked away on Union Street, just off Rundle and is presenting a flamenco style fringe show upstairs every Wednesday night of Adelaide Fringe. In the street downstairs, Can Can girls tempt passersby to come in to the venue, which is small, intimate and offers views down towards Gluttony.

The hostess for the evening is Miss Trixi, an engaging entertainer dressed in sequins and a top hat, who has an assortment of masks, feathers and boas.

Miss Trixi introduces Miss Fuego, a fire dancer who is mesmerising to watch as she plays with flames and, being such a small space, you can feel the heat of the fire, bringing you closer to the excitement.

Up next are the two Can Can dancers, who have a joie de vivre that is infectious and uplifting. It’s impossible not to clap along with these energetic performers. It’s moments like these that makes one realise the beauty of the Fringe is to present unfamiliar scenes in familiar places.

Miss Trixi then invites Delilah into the room and she slinks in seductively twirling a long ribbon, which takes on a life of its own. Delilah contorts and twists herself in an array of moves that elicits spontaneous applause from the audience.

Now it’s Miss Trixi’s turn to entertain as she sings sultry blues and jazz. Two songs, ‘The Cat that got the Cream’ and ‘Joyboy’ are entertaining original numbers that are strong and sassy as she teases the audience.

Her final number is a stripped back version of ‘Nick the Stripper’ – as a dancer contorts and dances among the watching audience members in time with the song.

Decadent Delights is an entertaining and amusing show that is the essence of what the Fringe represents. Take a chance on climbing the stairs for a memorable glimpse of Weimar culture.

4 Stars 

By John Goodridge