Séayoncé is a small piece of overtly offensive brilliance!

London actor and comedian Daniel Wye is bringing his show Séayoncé to The Adelaide Fringe Festival for the first time this year. The show received accolades at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I can completely see why!

Séayoncé is a kooky clairvoyant whose relationship with the dead is dysfunctional at best. I sat there and watched the woman single-handedly channel at least five famously dead divas all while trying to fondle her ex’s ashes – who was none other than the late, great and powerful Rasputin! It was safe to say that Séayoncé and her ex-lover had some unfinished business to attend to…

Séayoncé has had more than a few spirits that have helped her get through all these years and judging by her vulgarity I think Gin might be one of them!

This show had us in STITCHES from the moment we walked in until well after we walked out. We could not get enough of Séayoncé’s sass or her crystal ball(s).

The show is all the right amounts of campy mixed with sexual deviancy and absurdity.

One thing that did distract us from the show’s zest was how visibly offended the people across from us were becoming. Obviously, this show isn’t up some people’s alleys – conservatives and prudes beware!

The other fair warning is that audience participation is a mandatory requirement for those unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to be picked. However, we were having so much fun that it didn’t even matter that I had to sing Shania Twain into a microphone for all of Campanile to hear!

The jokes were sharp, the comebacks quick and the laughs memorable!

It’s a big statement to make, but this has been my favourite show I’ve ever seen at any Fringe Festival to date! As soon as it finished I went and out bought two more tickets for Saturday night’s show.

So please, quickly go grab your friends and buy tickets to this because Séayoncé SLAYS – all day!

The show plays the Garden of Unearthly Delights right though to the end of Fringe, with performances at Stirling Fringe on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March. Details can be found here.

5 stars

By Daisy Sumersford