Despite its proliferation in pop culture, time travel has not actually become a reality yet. Worldline Corporations is a digital experience which creatively predicts how time travel may eventually roll out in the future.

Shown in the tiny Basement Studio, Worldline Corporations is composer Amy McNickle and animator Steffie Yee’s digital video experience into the world of time travel, with the premise being that the audience are participating in a job interview with the show namesake for their opportunity to join their time-travelling company. This involves viewing an animated film which runs for twenty minutes, with a voiceover accompanying onscreen information about the time travel experience.

Worldline Corporations is clever and expertly produced and takes a great stab at predicting the future. The combination of the cold and almost robotic-like voiceover with the electronic music score reminiscent of futuristic movie productions makes for a really unsettling, but immersive, art piece. It was easy to get lost in the film and feel like you were on a time travelling journey. Without spoiling anything, there was a clever bit of audience participation as well which had everyone interacting with each other at the completion of the film.

Worldline Corporations is a great short art experience, which really sets the scene for futuristic time travel. Amy McNickle and Steffie Yee have created something really immersive and moving with this film, with a dash of dry humour thrown in for measure. Perhaps time travel won’t be a reality for some time, or ever, but for now Worldline Corporations is a great trip into this area.

4 Stars

Worldline Corporations season has ended.


By Tania Nicholas