Head on down to Distill to watch The Runner Up presented by Guilty Pleasures Shows.

Follow Cyn and her band through this rock-cabaret, as she sets the scene of her musical career that started up in the 80s, and what surrounded her one hit that (nearly) made it to the top of the charts.

This washed-up singer and performer takes you through her rise-and-fall, through music and acting, with humour, and a funny false sense of self-knowledge.

When a surprise guest rocks up at one of the gigs, the excitement starts for Cyn and the Cynthetics, letting it all break loose.

The Runner Up gives you raw energy that the Fringe was made for. Cyn delivers a punch of excitement to your life through her rendition of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. You’ll be captivated, not only by her wit and talent, but by the band’s rock/grunge artistry that has you bopping in your seat.

The performance is contained to only one setting, as it truly is the characters that draw you in to Cyn’s background. This one is all about spirit and gusto, which will leave you breathless.

Leave the kids at home and chuck on your leather jacket for a night to remember!

4 stars

Playing this Thursday-Saturday. Snatch up your tickets HERE while you can!

By Kirra Hussey