Commenting on any occurrence or sudden event is hard to do when you’re left pondering what actually happened. Lying awake at night questioning in a miasmic cloud of uncertainty; what did I just see? Did I like it? Am I shocked? Have I finally encountered that je ne sais quoi that embodies my new sexual preference?  Was that an act I was watching on stage, or has my inner sociopath finally been released as a pale goblin bathed in shadow and performing in the third-person to a crowd of 30?

Brilliantly organic, admirably authentic; Tommy Bradson Tours presents Two Sharp Teeth: a comedy act 400 years in the making cum vampiric epiphany that embodies the (undead) spirit of the Adelaide Fringe.

Kevin is your new best friend. He has mild eczema, teeth and claws that end in deadly shards, and takes the stage in a tailored, double-breasted brown tweed suit. There is technically a comedian behind the deathly pallor presented to the audience. But this neurotic and beautifully blunt creature has a life, history and story to tell all of his very own. A “part-time heterosexual” with a proclivity for the dramatic, the engorged and fetishising of the morbidly obese, Kevin (despite his many long years) is a modern, left-leaning artist, feminist, and ‘pussy connoisseur’.

How do you describe a performance that encapsulates the modern malaise of body consciousness, fluid sexuality, and racism? An encyclopaedia Britannica of the human condition, interrupted by waves of new thought, ejaculations of sudden passion, and a macabre but fascinating reflection of those nasty little, terrible thoughts we all keep in the dark.

Go alone, go with friends, lovers, recently exhumed relatives. This is a show that needs to be seen and talked about, laughed over and fermented in the back of your mind for the weeks and months to come. Kevin has something to say, and you’re either going to hear it between fits of uncontrollable giggles, or sitting next to your own discomfort.

When to go: after your seventh glass of absinthe, dainty splatters of blood coating your shirt ruffles and pointed collar. Or: stone cold sober and willing to open your kink-driven, erogenous liberal third eye.

Who to go with: someone you’ve been waiting to ask consent for a naughty proposition. A sure fire way to get in the mood.

Buy tickets here to see Two Sharp Teeth, now playing in the Spare Room at the Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 17th.

5 Stars

By Grace Kungel.