Photographed in Byron Bay, by Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

All the way from the West Coast of Ireland hails one of Australia’s favourite adopted sisters, Áine Tyrrell, who will bring her second album, ‘Return to the Sea’ to Adelaide for two shows next weekend.

‘Return to the Sea’ is a treasure-trove of contemporary narratives and musical sojourns with a solid respect for tradition, collectively fused with a passion for adventure and travelling to new lands, both real, and musical.

‘Return to the Sea’ is a passionate journey as it draws from a number of styles and influences. Certainly, the traditional Irish folk is in her blood, but so too are elements of soul and rock ‘n’ roll, entwined within her lyrical testaments. Her unwavering passion for justice and integrity has led to her supporting current Women’s Rights and Indigenous Rights issues through performances, social media campaigning, songwriting and public speaking engagements.

“‘Return to The Sea’ is about standing in power, owning your own skin and making sense of the shared responsibility we have as humans. The album embraces stories that have inspired me to do more than just sit and hope for change.” Said Tyrrell of the album

“It is my call to arms. Many observations between Australia and Ireland are scattered through the tracks, but the one common thread is that together we rise in strength when one human experience can mirror and then shape our collective understanding and action.”  

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April 5th Cooee Arthouse, Adilinga SA * with screening of “Wading Into The Sea”

Tickets: www.ainetyrrell.com/touring 

April 7th – Trinity Sessions, Adelaide SA * Support Dane Kennedy

Tickets: www.trinitysessions.org