Lucy & DiC We Made A Thing Studios

We Made A Thing today released the first two episodes of season one of Lucy & DiC, following the Worldwide premiere in Adelaide last night.

The award-winning Lucy & DiC follows the mis-adventures of Lucy, a girl always on the lookout for simple ways to improve her life, and DiC, her talking support drone, who even with all the knowledge in the world…can still be a bit of an asshole.

Lucy & DiC, includes a two-person superstar cast of comedian and filmmaker Ethan Marrell, Best known by his online alter ego Ozzyman Reviews’who has amassed an audience of over 7.6 million Facebook followers and 3.2 million Youtube subscribers. He brings the ever-lovable, yet slightly disturbing, support drone DiC to life.

Lucy is played by Lucy Gransbury, an Adelaide born but now Melbourne based actor/comic, a staple of the fringe festivals with her trademark cabaret stand up shows, she was recently featured in the Australian TV series, Wentworth, and has performed with the Australian Shakespeare Company and Lux Radio Theatre.

The first series is also home to cameos from some of Australia’s best established screen identities including Kate Box (F*!#ing Adelaide / Upright), Richard Davies (Offspring), Benjamin Nicholas (Neighbours), Michael Philippou (Racka Racka), Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen (Good Game), Steven  ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell (Good Game) and Natasha Wanganeen (Cargo).

The original Lucy & DiC short premiered at opening night of the 2017 Adelaide Film Festival, and was watched online over 1.6 million times, leading to the company receiving backing and financial support from Screen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation, and the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund to develop a full first season for Lucy & DiC.

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