Back in 1992, Rick Price released Heaven Knows, an album that would see singles like ‘What’s Wrong With That Girl’, ‘Not A Day Goes By’, ‘A House Divided’, ‘Walk Away Renee’ and ‘Heaven Knows’ smash the ARIA charts.

The Album peaked at #3 in Australia and spent 23 weeks in the ARIA Top 40 charts with the second single and title track ‘Heaven Knows’ charted across Europe and Asia, winning the APRA Song Of The Year Award.

These days, Rick lives in Nashville, USA, returning home about twice a year, and with this trip back to Australia, he will be playing the Heaven Knows album cover-to- cover in solo acoustic mode across the country.

Playing at the Grace Emily on Friday October 25, Rick is keen to get back to Adelaide again and check out the Grace, which he’s heard a lot about.

“I really love Adelaide. I think it’s a unique place. I love the architecture and I love the energy, the feel of Adelaide. It’s got something really different and unique. I can’t really pinpoint it, it’s just the feeling and experience. So I’m really, really, really looking forward to that. And people in Adelaide, they are music lovers. So it’s good. And I haven’t been to the Grace Emily before, but I’ve heard the sound is great,” he says.

Having travelled extensively as a musician on the back of the success of Heaven Knows, Rick says he never anticipated how successful the record would be.

“I had hopes and dreams from when I was a child. That’s really all I wanted to do when I was a kid, was to make records and get on the radio. I was a radio junkie. So yeah, I had hopes and dreams that it would be successful, but it did surpass my expectations,” he says.

“It was very exciting and really satisfying; it’s just a huge lift to your self-belief. Itgave me confidence in my writing and my singing and musicianship. I think it’s a big internal kick when the audience really responds to something. It’s a great validation. But there were so many other great gifts that came out of it. I had the pleasure of realising that songs develop a life of their own with the audience. They have their own experience and their own relationship with the songs and I found that really, really interesting. It took a few years for that to sink in. That’s one of the great gifts of this business, of writing and recording music and bringing it out in the world. The songs develop a life of their own and the audience have their own relationship with the songs. And then it gives me a connection with them. We have some common ground. So there are a lot of aspects to making records and touring and having a career in this business that aren’t always obvious at first.”

And while his audience have their favourites, Rick also has songs that have resonated with him in different ways over the years.

“There were a few songs I felt super connected to. Obviously ‘Heaven Knows’, ‘Not a Day Goes By’, of course ‘Walk Away Renee’, ‘Fragile’ was another one. How it’s different for me now, I suppose, is I wrote that song ‘Heaven Knows’ with the heartache still quite fresh, and breaking up from a relationship. But obviously that’s healed now,” he says.

“But I noticed that I have had many different relationships with various songs over the years that have evolved and changed, the way I performed them has evolved and changed. So it’s really interesting because as I change, my relationship with songs kind of changes, how I perform them, and so on. Yeah it’s just really interesting thing. Like having kids out there in the world.”

Rick has already toured the album on its anniversary, but he has chosen to bring it back in acoustic shows to get to all the regions that missed out.

“We did an anniversary tour last year and it was received really well, but we did not get to all the areas that we wanted to on the tour. So we scheduled a second anniversary tour,” he says. “I’m performing the songs in sequence from the album. And I really love playing acoustically because it allows me to present the songs as they were written, in a very intimate, simple way because they’ve all heard the full production versions, so to present the songs in a really simple way, it creates just an extra level of intimacy I think.”

You can catch Rick Price at Grace Emily Hotel on Friday 25 October at 8:30pm. Book your tickets HERE.