One of Adelaide’s favourite night spots has just gotten even better. Fat Controller introduces The Steam Room, a dedicated electronic and dance section of the club.

With an exclusive capacity of just 250-300 pleasure seekers, unique lighting activations and a four point surround sound system, The Steam Room will a line up of present local, national and international artists to party with.

The performing artist will be housed in a booth at floor level for a more intimate experience, taking us back to the traditional nightclub atmosphere, allowing revellers to to focus entirely on the music.

Empowered with new and holistic branding, which is influencing the entirety of the club, The Steam Room will feature the first implementation with a stylish and cryptic pixelated ‘x’.

Crafted with thought-provoking, minimalist design, this will highlight the structural features of the room while illuminating the movement of bodies dancing to the beat.

Perhaps a nod to the Big Day Out’s Boiler Room, The Steam Room is set to put the Fat Controller on a new track and it’s full steam ahead.

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