Hot Dub Wine Machine (HDWM) came back in 2019 with a return to its roots, Serafino Winery, proclaimed by many as one of the best spots to enjoy this festival.

This Year – Hot Dub Wine Machine celebrated an all Australian music line-up including such headlining acts as Owl Eyes (Vic), Bag Raiders (NSW), Crooked Colours (WA) and Hayden James (WA).

HDWM is a bit like if Stereosonic music festival went on a wine tour of McLaren Vale. It delightfully delivers all the fun of an electronica / house music festival through the lens of Serafino wine tasting. This unique dynamic attracts an interesting crowd of all sorts -hipsters, ravers and wine connoisseurs alike!

There were notable performances, with highlights such as Owl Eyes performing her song ‘Heart Attack’, which kicked things up a notch as well as Bag Raiders slaying one of their most loved tracks ‘Shooting Stars’ and finally, the most anticipated set of the night from Hayden James delivering the goods with hits such as ‘Just Friends’, ‘Something About You’ as well as an additional track ‘Red Light Green Light – Duke Dumont’, which had the whole crowd on the groove!

Given last year’s weather conditions (borderline tsunami) resulting in many of the acts cancelling last minute and people bailing left, right and centre – 2019’s Hot Dub Wine Machine was an exceptional step-up with clear skies and perfect weather conditions.

The only critique of the day is that the music played during breaks between sets was barely audible. This resulted in some of us listening to music on our phones between acts.

Being at Serafino Winery, festival goers were able to indulge in some of the best wines South Australia has to offer, like the Chardonnay, which was exceptional.

The festival finished off with its traditional Hot Dub Time Machine set – which is a transportation through the biggest hits of the eras: 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and now. This, of course, gets everyone from all age groups dancing together harmoniously.

Hot Dub Wine Machine is a great event for all ages, and even for those who don’t particularly take to electronica/ house music – this great atmosphere of this festival can still be enjoyed by all with the right wine in hand!

By Daisy Sumersford