So far as a historically accurate retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ goes – the cast of Shit-faced Shakespeare deliver a somewhat ‘beer-goggled’ version of events where at least one cast member is completely blotto (it’s not too difficult to identify who) and not all is as it seems in the land of Shakes!

The thing that really stood out about Shit-faced Shakespeare: Hamlet was actually its delivery of the story (Hamlet) and its actors. Despite the premise of the show being comedic and if not somewhat commedia dell’arte. The portrayal of the story was actually delivered quite well amongst all of the alcohol-induced ridiculousness and buffoonery!

The comedic aspect of the show felt, at times – perhaps a little prepared or even ‘rehearsed’. That’s certainly not to insinuate the show wasn’t amusing and at times well improvised however, I think the cast are familiar with what works and what doesn’t as part of their performance and have had some practice in conveying that to their audience.

One of the highlights of the show was the audience interaction. The cast were exceedingly good at making their audience feel a part of the show. Best of all – you felt completely at ease as audience participation wasn’t that terrible, cringe-y experience where you try to hide your head low whilst whispering to yourself, “please don’t choose me!” Instead, the audience were encouraged to get the cast drunk(er) and feel part of the joke!

Shit-faced Shakespeare: Hamlet was very clever, witty and funny from start to finish – my only piece of advice however, to anyone wanting to see this show is to blow the horn, bang the gong and clap your hands as much as possible (a cast member has to finish a drink each time you do)! Aim to get that cast member as drunk as possible! There’s even a bucket provided in case they need to throw-up! Make it happen (advice that might otherwise appear ill-advised).

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3.5 stars

By Daisy Sumersford