From the moment the beats started thumping, the crowd knew they were in for a good time. A riot of colour, comedy and acrobatics, Werk It enchanted the audience, and the incredible acrobatic and comedic talents of Vincent van Berkel, Malia Walsh, Cassia Jamieson, Richard Sullivan and Lisa Lottie were a joy to witness. From the neon workwerkout gear to the very 90s pastiche, Werk It is a delight from start to finish.

Oscillating between the ridiculous (you will have Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn running through your head for days) to the sublime (you will also never look at a keg of beer in the same way), the slapstick element of this frenetic performance does not detract from the sheer force of talent of this incredible crew. Werk It is a heart-stopping, side-splitting ride set to a soundtrack of tunes that will bring back a slew of memories if you used to read TV Hits magazine while eating a Polly Waffle.

Don’t let the genre fool you: there is something for everyone, from a jaw-dropping hula hoop performance to a Madonna tribute that will have you rethinking your recycling habits. These amazing artists gave their all (and a jar of Vegemite) to ensure that the crowd had a truly magical night. You may see a coffee table and want to recreate one of the standout acts of show. Do not—and I cannot stress this enough—try this at home.

Come for the hilarity and Jane Fonda workout video vibe, stay for the truly breathtaking circus skills.

Trapeze, don’t walk. Werk It runs until 15 March, with shows on every night except Mondays. Snap up your tickets here

4 stars

By Leila Hallak-Low