The Octagon at Gluttony had a full house last night. It was the first sold out show for the acrobatic troupe performing A Simple Space.

Opting for the minimalist approach, A Simple Space is all about the performers. Set to modern electronic beats, they tumbled, jumped and fell on each other in a choreographed amalgam of bodies to start the show.

What is striking about A Simple Space is the trust these performers have with each other. When one person falls there was someone ready to catch them, even when they were stacked three people high.

There’s no doubt of the core strength of every acrobat in this show. In some instances, performers jumped onto the belly of another from great distances and not a grimace was to be seen.

It’s a playful show, with comedic interludes in between the feats of strength to keep the show light and a even a bit of strip tease to showcase the ripped bodies of the men.

Having a circular view of the stage didn’t work for all angles, however, with the view from behind making it difficult to see all the action and the lighting at times was quite blinding. The view from the front would have been preferable and what the show was made for.

A family friendly show suitable for young and old that has only gotten more popular over the years. It’s remarkable in its simplicity and proves that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to entertain a crowd.

**** Four stars.

A Simple Space is showing at Gluttony until March 15. Get your tickets here.