With only six hours until the WOMAD festival kicks off in Adelaide, we had the chance to be part of the media call.

The artists who performed at the press morning gave us a sneak peek of what the lineup for WOMAD 2020 is all about.

During the Media Call we spoke to several international WOMAD artists, that included B. Dance, Orquestra Akokan, and Brian Goldsmith. We also had a chance to take some photos of the artists.

An artist from B Dance told us it was their first time being in Adelaide and that they had been “Really enjoying these last few days. It’s really interesting in Australia.”

Orquestra Akokan said they were “Inspired and trying to revive Cuban 50s music” at WOMADelaide and around the world as part of their musical journey.

To open the Media Call Jamie Goldsmith led the welcome to country.

Photo of Jamie Goldsmith by Keeley Trainor

His brother Brian Goldsmith performed in the welcome to country and after we had the pleasure of speaking to him about his thoughts on WOMAD.

We asked him what his take on WOMAD was and we think he summed it up pretty well.

“People get together and have a fun and enjoyable time. There is less fighting. You know, more love and friendship and all that. And it is good to see people of different cultures and races all mixing together,” Brian says.

He has a lot of experience working with WOMADelaide and knows all about the amazing things the festival achieves.

“I have been doing this for about ten years. Jamie Goldsmith has taken on his father’s legacy, which is a good thing, because if not I wouldn’t have met you two and met other people here. A lot of cultures, we don’t mix. We don’t see each other enough. We don’t know each other’s culture as well as we should.”

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the media call and interview the WOMADelaide artists who bring us all together.

We think Brian Goldsmith says it best when he says, “by the way, we are all from the same race, human” and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out Megan and Shae’s photos of Blind Boys of Alabama who performed at the WOMADelaide media call on Friday March 6.

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By Shae and Megan