The Black Box Theatre in Adelaide’s Botantic Gardens was the perfect setting for the calm, poignant and at times humorous Joni Mitchell’s Daughter.

A one woman show led by the gorgeously earthy Delia Olam, it’s a cabaret show with a narrative about motherhood, or otherhood, beautifully intertwined with the songs of Joni Mitchell.

Prior to entering the theatre, Olam introduced herself to the audience waiting in line and provided 13 people with a numbered queue card to read out / act upon to interrupt her show. Each number corresponded to the age of a child and captured the familiar interactions between child and parent.

It was a clever form of audience participation that reinforced the message of the show and added a layer of light and humour to contrast with some of the darker and more serious passages of Mitchell and Olam’s life.

Olam is a joy to watch, a vibrant bohemian with a positive aura with a knack for great storytelling. Her voice simultaneously vulnerable and powerful, perfect for the Mitchell covers she performed.

Switching between guitars and other assorted instruments to accompany but also stripping it back to a cappella, the lighting shifted with the mood of her songs.

Fans of Mitchell will not be disappointed as Olam covers favourites such as “Big Yellow Taxi,” “Both Sides Now,” “Little Green,” “A Case of You” and more. Each song relating to moments in Mitchell’s life.

It’s a folksy dream of a show and one that leaves you feeling warm and reminiscent.

Joni Mitchell’s Daughter is showing on March 8 & 9 at Black Box Theatre in Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens. Get your tickets here.


Five stars.