With live music gigs seeming like a distant memory, the idea of writing a review for a live performance seems both silly and exciting. Silly because I’m not actually there, which is weird, but exciting because it’s a brave new world and we are joining musicians in their homes and studios to share their music on a more intimate level.

Reviewing Kit was always going to be a pleasure, especially as a huge All Our Exes Live in Texas fan, but the online event exceeded expectations.

Missing her band, but doing a stellar job flying solo, Kit played a beautiful set of infectious (can I say that in this current climate? Probably not) tunes and her banter between songs was delightfully funny and engaging.

It was nice that she had a bit of a household audience/backing vocalists that could fill in the applause part that’s really lacking in these online gigs, because it made it even more of a party.

The new single ‘Good Guy’ is an absolute ripper of a tune and you should listen to it immediately:

Once we are all let out of home detention and can catch some live music again, go and support Kit, because she’s terrific.

Online gigs are great, because I could eat Cheezels and dye my hair while I watched Kit. But online gigs are also lacking because she couldn’t hear us cheering, our photographers couldn’t take awesome gig photos and I couldn’t meet up with all my music loving friends.

But we’re so lucky to be getting so much soul sent across the ether into our eyes, ears and homes by generous artists who give so much of themselves.

Support artists, support musicians, support Kit and make sure you stay home and flatten that curve so we can all dance and cheer for our favourite performers again.

Libby Parker