Sydney singer-songwriter Oly Sherman has persisted through 2020’s alms and burst back into the Australian music scene after his international debut in January, releasing his latest single ‘Homeboy’ last month.

Previously hailed a folk sensation akin to Matt Corby, Boy & Bear and Josh Pyke, Oly’s ‘Homeboy’ plays with a Tash Sultana-like warm and rich tone, stepping away from his previous pop-like work to explore the indie-pop territory of Australian sounds.

While Oly describes the single as a narrative centred on pressure, self-awareness and the ins and outs of a relationship, the singer-songwriter described the actual making of ‘Homeboy’ as vexing, due to the weird time he was going through.

“The creation of Homeboy made me understand that there is a staggering difference between being busy and being productive … a lot of the song explains a lot of why I think the way I do,” he says.

“I have an ever-growing music passion, reputation and skill. Yet despite everything I have or have worked for, my brain seems to always focus on what I’m missing or what I don’t have.”

Oly explains that because he struggles to focus on his victories, he feels peace is hard to find.

“I focus on where I’m not and how I’m always falling short of expectations around winning at everything … this is one of the reasons I personally feel like I never experience peace,” he says.

Although his trying time produced a track he depicts as his most honest work to date, Oly credits his cultivation to his friends and loves ones.

“[They] are the people that really shine through, and make you feel like who you truly are,” Oly says.

Apart from embracing his loved ones and recording his polished work of ‘Homeboy’, Oly also enjoyed the simpler things to keep him sane through isolation, after his tour plans were foiled by Covid-19.

“I got myself a part-time job dog walking. Other than that; I have been practicing, catching up on shows and up until recently, I was seeing as many friends as legally possible,” he says.

Dog Walking
Iso days: One of Oly’s newest friends

Once government restrictions are lifted, Oly Sherman looks forward to announcing his national tour where Australia will get to experience ‘Homeboy’ for the first time, accompanying his various unique tracks from over the years.

By @anastasiamonaghan