Despite Georgia, USA’s, 136,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases, country musician Jared Ryan has overcome solitary lockdown by collaborating with Adelaide songwriter and Round Records owner Terry Bradford to release a brand-new album Fishing In A Bucket.

While their different paths in life and kilometres between them set Jared and Terry apart when they released From Over the Water in 2019, today, it’s the complete antithesis impact Covid-19 is having on their states that distinguishes these two musicians. But in the midst of it all, they endured their own state’s version of lockdown, and reunited to create Fishing in A Bucket. 

“Music has always been a constant in my life, and with all of the madness going on right now, I only wish everyone had something that could bring them so much joy and peace,” Jared says. “I have the pleasure of recording from my home studio which also means I get to spend a lot of time with my beautiful family. We have taken this time to grow closer together and enjoy the fundamentals of what makes life great! Despite the chaos the world seems to find itself in, I can count more blessings than inconveniences.”

Jared and Terry have previously been described as an unlikely duo, owing to their age difference, but the pair hasn’t allowed age, distance or Covid-19 to get in the way of producing their epic new album.

“We experienced lockdown, and now we’re slowly crawling out of the woodwork. I can’t imagine what it is like over in America right now, with so many cases being confirmed every single day. Music makes everything feel better, though,” Terry says.

The ten-track album includes titles written by Adelaide local music legend Terry Bradford and Aussie songwriter Dave Wayman (currently living in lockdown in Victoria), and recorded by popular country musician Jared Ryan.

The album features a line up of strong and catchy tunes such as the inspiring feel-good track ‘If I Could Swim’, the nostalgic ‘Saturday Street’ and the affecting ‘What Holds You To Me’, through all of which Bradford has cleverly encapsulated Ryan’s youthful country narrative.

Bradford is a stalwart of the Adelaide music scene and has written songs for the likes of The Little River Band. He is also owner of South Australian record label Round Records.

To celebrate the release of Fishing in a Bucket, Upside is giving away copies of the album if you can tell us in the comments how music has helped you through the pandemic.