If you have ever tried to explain Australia’s preferential voting system to someone or even tried to understand it yourself, there is now a resource to help.

Preferential voting is made easily understandable in the most delightful way with a new children’s book, Vote 4 Me, out this August through Wild Dog Books.

Written by author and electoral educator Krys Saclier, with fun illustrations by political cartoonist Cathy Wilcox, Vote 4 Me is a story about the fictional Mount Mayhem Public School and the students’ desire to elect a new class representative to instil some much-needed change to their school.

Vote 4 Me cleverly orients the reader to the idea of a democracy in a familiar setting with characters they will recognise from their own school, making it a pleasure to read and essential for the home, school, and library.

“While the next Australian Federal Election isn’t until 2022, the US election is just around the corner and soon politics will be all over the news, presenting a great opportunity for teachers, parents and librarians across the country to talk to their kids about the Australian voting system (specifically preferential voting). This is also perfect for any student learning Civics & Citizenship at school. I hope parents, teachers and students enjoy the simple and fun way this has been explained,” author Krys Saclier says.
Vote 4 Me is perfect for upper primary school students and is out in August through Wild Dog Books at any good bookseller. RRP $24.99