With a myriad of influences and youth on their side, Brisbane-based Indie-rockers SUNFLOWER pull us into a dreamy world of good vibes and optimism as they continue to make their impact on the music scene.

Lawson Doyle (singer/songwriter) explains what it is like to be making music in this weird time of uncertainty.

“It’s such a hard time for everyone right now, and it’s a time where we are all being introspective. There’s such a struggle to connect,” he says.

And connection in times of social distancing, no live performances and rules changing daily, it seems to be taking a toll on all, including musicians.

“It’s a struggle to write when you keep thinking, what’s next?” says Lawson, but also agrees that in uncertain times, music can always be the answer.

“Our first track (‘Better Days’) was my baby, so to speak. It was philosophical for me, and really made me think of my nan, she was always reminding me to hope, to be inspired to believe in things. That is the kind of music we like to make.”

And it feels like ‘Get yourself Together’ really emphasises others to get their inspiration flowing.

“Kahlia wrote this song about someone who meant a lot to her, and who wanted to take things in their relationship to the next level, she needed to express to them that their needed to be a bit work done on their end. This song is Kahlia’s baby but, I think it speaks to all on many different levels. Maybe it could be waking up with a hangover, not remembering much of the night before, thinking to yourself- man I really need to get myself together,” Lawson says.

This new melodic jam brought across SUNFLOWER’s first video clip, where the 5-piece group got to work with the likes of Alec Schultz and Anna Wareham.

“They were honestly a dream team. It felt so professional, so well done,” says Lawson. “We were really happy with how it came out.”

Keeping things forward and moving, SUNFLOWER will be performing at the Black Bear Lodge in November, and they could not be more keen.

“We miss basking in performance to be honest. Any stage with good vibes and people singing back, it’s so rewarding, it’s so good,” he says

Get grooving with SUNFLOWER Saturday October 24 (Thirsty Chiefs Brewery) and Saturday November 19 (Black Bear Lodge).

Grab your tickets and info HERE

By Kirra Hussey