Aperol, prosecco, soda, ice and a crisp slice of fresh orange; the Aperol Spritz.

Since 1919, Aperol has been quenching the thirst of millions worldwide.

This Italian aperitif has been heavily associated with Southern Italy, a summer holiday hotspot.

Aperol even adopted the nickname; Italy’s drink of summer.

Many will argue that a traditional Aperol Spritz can only be found in Italy, but I think some Radelaide hotspots hit the mark pretty close.

We don’t know when travel will be permitted again, so in the meantime lets discover a piece of Italy right here in SA.

With summer fast approaching, we have you covered.

See if your favourites make it on the list.

Alfred’s Bar

First off, Alfred’s bar.

Located down Peel St – a popular bar strip connecting Hindley Street and North Terrace, Alfred’s is known for their “touch of premium”.

Bar staff are friendly, fun and knowledgeable, which adds to the overall fine experience.

Surrounded by cobble stones and narrow walkways, this city side street exudes the similarities of an Italian sidewalk and for that, no. 14 Peel Street should definitely be on your list.


There’s only one thing better than sipping an Aperol Spritz…sipping an Aperol Spritz from 30 stories up.

Lavish city views and perfectly balanced cocktails is what 2KW is all about. This city rooftop bar is all things quality.

Their take on an Aperol Spritz involves a twist of pineapple and passionfruit – another 2 flavours of summer.

Who would turn up the opportunity to sip on an Aperol Spritz in this setting? Certainly not us.

Pizza E Mozzarella Bar

Some things in life are promised; birth, death, taxes and an the undeniably to die for combination of pizza accompanied by an Aperol Spritz. 

Although not traditionally enjoyed this way, we certainly recommend you try this treasure.

This pizza bar has an authentic feel, almost as if you’ve stepped into a scene of the movie Mystic Pizza.

Not quite Italy, but the feels are certainly there.


Although based on the idea of modernised Italian food, this relatively new kid on the block serves a pretty perfect, authentic tasting Aperol Spritz.

The modern yet rustic décor, in combination with the staff’s attention to detail make this an Adelaide dining hotspot; and rightfully so.

Not to mention their menu is diverse and food is delicious.

Source: Daniel John Purvis


To finish, my personal favourite, in which I believe have mastered the Aperol Spritz.


With a perfect balance of all ingredients, Pizzateca’s Aperol Spritz has become a fan favourite and the perfect summer quencher.

In addition to their stunning Spritz, this McLaren Vale pizza restaurant has the Southern beach side location to match.

Take a sip, close your eyes, feel the southernly winds and enjoy a slice of European summer straight from ‘South’ Australia.

Source: Rebecca Tatarelli

A fan favourite and understandably so, the Aperol spritz is an unquestionable go to.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a taste of an Italian summer, you know you won’t be disappointed…especially if you follow this guide.

Salute/ Cheers

By Rebecca Tatarelli