Wollongong band Obscura Hail began as a way for Sean Conran to preserve memories, but the project soon evolved from there into a pretty fantastic band. 

Balanced out by Tamara Issa (bass, vocals) and Kaelan Edmond (drums), Obscura Hail combines biting guitars, beautiful harmonies, atmospheric acoustic percussion, loops and drum machines to deliver something dynamic and existentially curated.

But as well as being total go-getters on the music scene, Obscura Hail are also expert procrastinators.

Except when it comes to releasing their music, of course, with their Siren EP dropping today.


Here’s some tips from the band on the best methods of procrastination:

1. Fixate on reasons why ‘procrastination method’ is an oxymoron, instead of actually assessing the many ways one procrastinates. Think about it. You can’t have a method of procrastination since it is the nature of procrastination to abandon it.

2. Deliberately burn toast to avoid accepting that the bread is very stale and you have no spreads or toppings, and need to do a grocery shop.

Spend all your time arranging a space for optimum creativity, and then take a big ol’ nap to reflect on how productive you’ve been today.

4. Have some ‘me time’ to analyse why you’re procrastinating, so you can forgive yourself and emerge a more confident, driven person.

5. Come up with useless inventions that accomodate your laziness, only to paradoxically require more energy to maintain e.g. Instead of scheduling tasks and setting alarms in a calendar, create a real time binaural/spatial calendar alarm clock, in the form of a 24 hour recording of yourself announcing the time of day/date every 5 min intervals, panned to individual spatial orientation around the head, reminding of upcoming tasks a week/day/hour/30 min/5 min in advance, with unique audible cues for specific kinds of tasks, recorded a day in advance (in real time)