A beautifully constructed new theatre show, Claire Della and The Moon, brings topics of mental health, depression, and anxiety in young people to the stage this month.

Using puppetry, music, visuals and poetic storytelling, the show opens up honest and positive conversations about mental health as audiences discover the brave world of Claire Della.

At the heart of the play is Claire Della, who struggles to fit in. The things that make sense to everyone else don’t seem to make sense to her.

Claire retreats to the safety of the moon where there is no one to disappoint, but it’s Claire’s journey back home that genuinely inspires.

The product of two of South Australia’s most versatile emerging artists Ellen Graham and Jamie Hornsby, Claire Della and The Moon is the latest show from Madness of Two, Adelaide’s newest theatre company.

According to Ellen, Claire Della and The Moon is the perfect show for these difficult times.

“With everything going on in the world at the moment there, there isn’t a better time to bring Claire Della’s story to life,” she says.

“We hope that the production can offer some positivity to young audiences and provide a resource to positively manage their mental health, stress, and anxiety.”

On top of the brilliant visual design brought on by Shannon Rush (Director), Mark Oakley (Lighting) and Stephanie Fisher (Puppet Design), the play was developed in collaboration with Ok Psychology.

For Jamie, Ok Psychology’s involvement adds an important dimension to the production.

“We wanted to ensure that the show is authentic and having the expertise of Principal Psychologist, Simon Andrews, really ensured that the show is an accurate reflection of both the times and the sensitive grounds it covers,” he says.

“The theme of mental health needs to be handled with care and sensitivity. The process for Ellen and I has been one of discovery, learning and one that has instilled us with hope for the future.”

Claire Della and The Moon is currently making its way through South Australian schools and will debut to the public from Saturday September 26 to Sunday October 4 at Parks Theatre, 46 Cowan St, Angle Park, South Australia.

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