If you have a job, or you’re studying, there’s a good chance you have some kind of office or room that you work in. It is very common for most workspaces to become extremely unorganised and it only gets worse as everything piles up. That’s why it is a great idea to freshen up your workspace, and the following tips give you some pointers.

  1. Designating

Having designated areas within your workspace for your belongings and other objects is incredibly useful, especially when it comes to finding certain things, since you’ll always know where they are or where they are supposed to be.

2. Labelling

Labelling things is also very useful and works best with the previous tip. Prime examples for where labels would be useful are with folders, binders, boxes, drawers, shelves, racks, or any other form of storage used in an office.

3. Clearing Out

We’ve all been there, when your office is an absolute mess and the one thing you need at the moment is buried in other miscellaneous objects. It is often really good to go through all your things and see what is worth keeping and what can either be stored elsewhere or thrown away.

4. Having a Bin by Your Desk

If there were a reward for what ends up scattered in your office and never gets put away, it would go to any and all kinds of rubbish. That is why it is highly recommended you acquire a small bin to put next to or underneath your desk for your rubbish to go into, whether it be crumpled up pieces of paper, wrappers, or the pen that somehow ran out of ink despite you only having bought it yesterday.

5. Choosing an Office Layout That Suits You

The final and best tip of today is to choose or create an office layout. This is heavily important since none of the previous tips would function without it. Before organising, create a blueprint of a room layout using a floor plan, for example. This will allow you to plan out where everything will go instead of doing it all in the moment, unless that’s your thing. Just make sure that when making your plan you keep your drawing proportions on track.

Now with your newfound knowledge you can keep your workspace as clean as a whistle. Feel free to share these tips with anyone you know who has an unorganised workspace, and while you’re at it perhaps do some decorating for your own office.

By Kane Kennedy