A social media app for fur-friends that connects you to a stack of pet friendly services? Sounds paw-fect to us!

Australian built and owned pet app, Baxta, has just become the Number One Pet App in the country

Available to download on Apple’s App Store, Baxta helps pet parents set up a social media profile for their pet while connecting to thousands of services, destinations, vet advice, customer reviews, meetups and events.

The app, which launched only three months ago has just been announced as the top-rated app in the pet category with more than 4,000 downloads and the most five-star reviews of any pet app.

Since the app’s release pet parents have been creating new groups for their dog breeds, sharing cute and funny content and rating pet-friendly services.

But it’s not just for dogs, with plenty of profiles being created for sheep, ducks, alpacas, geese, horses, donkeys, mice and rats.

Insect profiles are also popular with stick bugs, spiny leaves, burrowing cockroaches and rhinoceros beetles showcasing their day to day activities, snacks and bug-selfies.

Whether your pet walks, crawls, flies, slithers, hops, or swims, Baxta is a free social networking platform for pets, connecting pet parents with over 10,000 services and products recommended, rated and reviewed by the global pet community.

Baxta spokesperson and TV vet, Dr Simone Maher, says the team has been absolutely inundated since launching.

“After two years in development we’re excited to build a totally new pet-loving community who are having so much fun using the app on the daily,” she says.

Baxta user Elli is loving the app for connecting with people, pets and experts for her Cavoodle Albi.

“I love that on Baxta, everyone is equally dog obsessed and there’s no embarrassment in sharing your love. It’s a really friendly community,” she says.

“I also find with Baxta that I haven’t worried so much about how perfect the photo is. Whereas on Instagram, I would filter it and only post the ‘best’ photos. [Baxta is] a little bit less curated for me than other social media channels I use.”

To join in the fun download the app today.