Gracing the stage at one of Adelaide’s best gig venues Lion Arts Factory this Friday 22 January is Sorna Ensemble, a fusion of music by Colombian born musician Juan Muñoz at Interplay, presented by Nexus Arts.

Juan’s musical journey has been anything short of a ballad length event, with his passion for music striking a chord within him at the age of 16.

Accompanying his cousin to her guitar classes to keep watch of her in the then, unsafe streets of Colombia, Juan watched on in awe as her music class learnt the intricate details of the instruments.

“It was kind of an accident; I was taking my cousin to guitar classes to give her a little bit of security. I would sit down, and I would look at the class and the teacher use to play these nice pieces on the guitar which always stuck in my head. I started to learn without him knowing, and then I asked the teacher if I was doing it right and he was impressed and put me in the class, and that was it,” he says.

Juan’s musical career highlights have seen him the world, travelling to a number of countries from Malaysia to China to master his art and broaden his repertoire of historical genre while fine tuning his signature style of Latin pop, Latin rock and traditional Colombian sounds.

“I can’t pick just one highlight, it has been such a progression and each moment is better than the next,” he says.

Juan’s latest work and upcoming show with Sorna Ensemble will perform a fusion of Persian and Kurdish music with traditional instruments and vocals from these regions from the likes of Daryoush Homayoun (Vocals), Malihe Zare (Vocals & Tombek), Ehsan Shekofteh Zoeram (Tar), Mina Absalan (Daf), Seerwan Moulana (Saz), and Maryam Absalan (Santur).

The show will be split into two parts seeing the first half with Juan himself on guitar and vocals backed by an impressive team of instrumentalists before a second half takes the night down a more funk rock route.

Experience all that Juan’s impressive repertoire has to showcase with Sorna Ensemble and guest artists including Lazaro Numa and Latin rock group Latitude 0° this Friday 22 January at Nexus Live Venue.

Tickets are on sale now and you can buy them HERE.