A fresh single from homegrown Adelaide indie pop-rock quintet Broken Waves hits streaming services today debuting as the first track on their forthcoming EP ‘Turning Point’.

‘Drag Me Back’ delivers an interesting cross of lyrics and instrumental while exploring electro-funk and tropical ambiences.

“’Drag Me Back’ is about the darkest and most exciting time of my life. It’s about vowing to keep fighting even when you think you can’t anymore. The upbeat instrumental is meant to contrast the dark lyrics which was the only way I could express the conflicting emotional themes,” says bassist and vocalist Ben.

Rarely drawing inspiration from other music, creativity for Broken Waves often stems from a small fragmentary idea that’s shared between the band for collaborative refinement. 

The groups debut EP ‘Turning Point’ delivers a diverse yet consequential set of songs to listeners.

“The progression from the start to the end is oddly coherent, starting with the dance, synth-wave single ‘Drag Me Back’ and then growing into a more serious set of songs with the following three tracks, bringing a deeper level of lyricism and instrumentation. There’s quite the common theme of ‘coming of age’ throughout the record and I think that comes across pretty strong when listening back to front,” says lead guitarist Will.

Broken Waves first crashed onto the scene when Ben and Will started jamming together in high school. 

Later down the track, Dec joined the guys on rhythm guitar, and they found their legs as a band from there, before being joined by Heath on drums and Matt on keys.

‘Turning Point’ was Recorded in mid-2020 at Wizard Tone Studios and was mixed by James Brown and mastered by Jarrad Payne with support from the South Australian Government through Carclew’s Project and Development Grants.

With gigs in clear sight for Broken Waves in the near future, the guys can’t wait to show off their new material and play with other artists in a live setting. 

Immerse yourself in ‘Drag Me Back’ on all major streaming services from today!