The word moist can have diverse effects on people. Some find it naughty, others hilarious, and some take it for what it literally means – moderately or slightly wet.

Physical theatre and comedy show Moist lives up to all aforementioned interpretations of the word, serving up an hour’s worth of acts that all have a common thread – water.

The premise is set when the bearded narrator/MC of the show explains that he is thirsty and can’t find any water, and for the audience to keep their eyes out for his three friends.

An assortment of acts follows with the three friends performing circus acts with buckets of humour, and soundtracked by water inspired songs, for example, Eurythmics ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’, ‘It’s Raining Men’ and ‘WAP’ to name a few.

Strong-men lift kegs of beer in one skit, while twerking and showing off their flexibility in another.

Goofy comic relief paint masterpieces using only water, while relying heavily on slapstick and physical comedy in others, and fluoro hoop tricks and raunchy wading pool man-burlesque feature the lithe acrobat dancer of the group.

The show has a great pace and energy, but sometimes this was hampered by technical glitches with the music and some acts flopped or felt unpolished. Despite this, it was thoroughly entertaining, had the audience whooping, laughing and cheering and is perfect for those looking for something risqué but also silly.

**** Four stars

You can catch the last night of Moist at The Garage International on March 20, 2021. Get your tickets here.